35th anniversary edition
The Art of Finding Yourself 35th anniversary edition

THE CREATIVE JOURNAL – 35th anniversary editionNow with full color illustrations, new Introduction and Appendix featuring research and applications of The Creative Journal Method in education, mental health, cancer support groups and more.

The Art Therapy and Journal Therapy classic.The perfect guide to discovering and releasing your inner potential. Powerful writing and drawing exercises help you find and love yourself, and get in touch with your feelings, dreams and wishes.

“I can pay her no higher compliment than to say that she succeeds in what she sets out to do. Her book not only helps to bring out the best-but helps to discover that there is a best that is worth bringing out.” – the late Norman Cousins, Author of /Anatomy of an Illness./

The Creative Journal is a recognized classic in the field of brain balancing and creativity. It contains over 50 writing and drawing exercises for getting in touch with one’s Creative Self. There are techniques for removing creative blocks, building self-esteem and realizing one’s heart’s desire. It is written to both the novice and veteran journal-keeper, as well as group leaders and counselors. This visually stunning book is illustrated by the author, her students and clients. The Creative Journal Method brings out the artist and writer in everyone and is being used as a text in art therapy and creative writing and drawing classes, cancer support groups, veterans programs, school systems, recovery and counseling centers and more.

THE CREATIVE JOURNAL / 35th Anniversary Edition $28.95 / paperback

author:Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D.
publisher:Ohio University / Swallow Press
ISBN:13 978-0-8040-1164-8
format:paperback(7″ X 10″)
language(s): English